It all started in 1910, when Thomas Mercer began assembling mule teams to transport pipe across the southwestern United States. Through hard work, tenacity and superior service, his operation soon grew to a thousand mules, and the Mercer name became synonymous with reliable, dependable pipe delivery.

A lot has changed since those days, but we at T.G. Mercer still embrace the same dedication to service, responsiveness and on-time delivery that has been part of us since day one.

Today we’re recognized as one of the true technological innovators in our field, and we’ve established an industry-wide reputation for our knowledge in pipe transportation, management, real estate services and pipeline logistics. Our superior attention to detail, outstanding knowledge of pipe handling, experienced personnel, and specialized equipment ensures efficient, safe, and proper handling of all quantities and sizes of main line pipe. In addition, our specialized equipment provides damage-free pipe removal from transportation vessels to storage, keeping your pipe high, dry and intact throughout the length of the project.

For scores of clients from the Alaska Pipeline to the Barnett Shale, the first choice for proper handling and storage is T.G. Mercer. Headquartered in Weatherford, Texas, we’ve completed over 12,000 miles of jobs spanning hundreds of projects in over 40 states. For projects big and small, T.G. Mercer is the name to call when value and timeliness matter.