T.G. Mercer provides a full range of customized services in transportation management, real estate services, logistics and comprehensive consulting services to meet all of the shipping needs of the companies we serve.

Transportation and logistics management for the oil and gas industry

  • Tracking and managing the movement of pipe by ship, barge, rail or truck.
  • Pipe handling: off loading, stockpiling, hauling, stringing.
  • Offload and stockpile pipe from rail or barge.
  • Negotiating through-rail rates for barge and rail.
  • Providing personnel and specialized equipment to handle project material.
  • Estimating transportation costs.
  • Tracking empty cars from yard back to the mill.
  • Coordinating with the mills, railroads and barge lines to set and maintain delivery schedules.
  • Setting specifications for transporting and handling pipe.
  • Expediting the pipe from mill to storage yard.
  • Tallying the pipe in the yard.
  • Inspecting the pipe for damage in the yard.
  • Repairing minor coating damage.

Real estate services and pipe yard selection

  • Identifying, locating and negotiating leases for staging yards, warehouses, railroad spurs and barge facilities.
  • Identifying rail and barge discharge locations near pipeline R.O.W.
  • Identifying multiple staging yards that will accommodate rail, barge, and/or truck delivery.
  • Identifying warehouse storage facilities at or near potential staging yards.
  • Preparing staging yards to meet all state, local, federal and environmental guidelines.
  • Leasing barge or rail unloading sites, staging yards and covered warehouses.¬†All leases are subject to company approval.
  • Coordinating with environmentalists and archeologists to ensure all requirements are met.

comprehensive planning for all transportation needs

  • Marine consulting and barge transportation
  • Overseeing and managing shipments of pipe and steel products, as well as bulk, bagged, break bulk and project cargo.
  • Preparing all modes of transportation, full package or individually, on a spot or annual basis.
  • Professional and efficient coordination between seller and buyer for FOB.